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Calendario solidario 2011 (escuelas argentinas)


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UNESCO Chair on Building Sustainable Peace: PROJECTS

The purpose of the projects of the Chair is to promote an integrated and multidisciplinary system of research, training, information and documentation in the field of peace and solidarity, facilitating collaboration between high-level, internationally recognized researchers and teaching staff of the University, UN Agencies (in particular UNESCO and the Flemish Commission for UNESCO), and other institutions of the world.

1. Online UNESCO Philosophical Dictionary (2007-2008)

Author and developer: Dr. M.C. Patricia Morales, with the support of the Flemish Commission for UNESCO and the Flemish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This project contains philosophic definitions of key UNESCO terms (solidarity, peace, etc.), anthology of quotes (example: Peace Lectures), interviews on peace and solidarity, UNESCO documentation, and a series of seminars on solidarity, peace, development, etc.

2. Bridging Cultures / Culturas en diálogo (2007-2008)

Author and general coordinator: Dr. M.C. Patricia Morales, with the support of the Flemish Commission for UNESCO and the Flemish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a contribution to the Universal Forum of Cultures (UNESCO partner), this project contains a cycle of teleconferences "Cultures in "dialogue" /" Bridging Cultivate" from September 27 to November 15 between countries in Europe and Latin America: UNESCO, ITESM Monterrey, University of Guadalajara, University of Blas Pascal (Argentina), invited institutions: UNESCO-IHE, and Northeastern University.

Among the participants are: Nobel Peace Laureate A. Pérez Esquivel, Justice Richard Goldstone, and representatives from UNESCO, European Commission, Club of Rome.

At the same time this project makes possible courses at University of Leuven on Latin America and the Global Interdependence (for students of Social Sciences and Ibero-American Studies) and ALAenred.

Additional results: Educational play cards for the Universal Forum of Cultures 2007 dedicated to promote their key issues: diversity, peace, sustainability and knowledge.

UNESCO activities:

UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2007, 15 November, “Philosophy of Communication”

UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2006, 15 November, “Tolerance, Solidarity and Peace”

Survey on UNESCO in cooperation with institutions

Women’s Day 2008 


Webmaster: Lic. Marcelo L. Morales Yokobori

Associated institutions: UNESCO, ITESM, University Blas Pascal, University of Guadalajara, and Universal Forum of Cultures

Invited institutions: UNESCO-IHE, Northeastern University, SERPAJ

Contact: Dr. M.C. Patricia Morales

Secretariat IIEB: Ms. Greet Louw

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"Solidarity" and "Peace" by the Nobel Peace Lectures

Intergenerational and Global Solidarity

20 Year Anniversary of the UN Brundtland Report, Our Common Future

24 April 2007, Faculty of Social Sciences, K.U.L., Leuven

Speakers: Ms. Leida Rijnhout (VODO)

Prof. Raoul Weiler (K.U.L. and EU Chapter, Club of Rome)
Coordination / introduction: Dr. Patricia Morales

Suggested Readings: Our Common Future (1987) ; Gro Harlem Brundtland ; 20 year Brundtland Raoul Weiler ; 20 year Brundtland Leida Rijnhout


Women's Day

A female approach toward solidarity and peace

8 March, K.U.L. (Aremberg Institute, STUK), Leuven

Introduction: Walter Lerouge (UNESCO) and Prof. Luc Reychler (K.U.L.)

Speakers: Dr. Cornelia Nauen (European Commission), Ms. Leen Laennens (OXFAM Fair Trade), and Prof. Katlijn Malfliet (KULeuven),

Coordination and epilogue: Dr. Patricia Morales


Day of Tolerance

16 November, K.U.L., Leuven

Introduction: Walter Lerouge (UNESCO) and Prof. Reychler (K.U.L.)

Speaker: Dr. Patricia Morales 




Foro Universal de Culturas

Bridging Cultures/Culturas en diálogo

Leuven, Valparaíso, Córdoba,  Guadalajara y Santiago de Chile





18/11 Educación y ciencia

con la participación de OREALC/ UNESCO Santiago



09/11 Arte y sociedad

Con la participación de músicos y artistas INFO


04/11 Derechos humanos y democracia / Con la participación del Ministro Presidente Flamenco Kris Peeters desde Valparaíso INFO



28 de octubre; 4, 9, 18 y 25 de noviembre, y 2 de diciembre


Universidad de Lovaina:

14:30 – 14:55 recepción

15:00 – 17:00 videoconferencia

Avnet: Kapeldreef 62, 3001 Heverlee


Junto a:

Universidad de Valparaíso

Universidad de Playa Ancha

Universidad Santa María

Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Universidad Blas Pascal, Argentina

Universidad Virtual de Guadalajara

UNED Bruselas


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 more than 90 films    

Among others/entre otros:

Premio Nobel Adolfo Pérez Esquivel   +info

Perez Esquivel, Culturas en dialogo

 “The future of International Justice” I, II films: Richard Goldstone Forum Cultures



With the participation of UNESCO Chairs

ENTER (closed)



Dignity and justice for all of us and UNESCO

60 Anniversary of the UDHR

With the aim to contribute to the UNESCO’s campaign for the 60 Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a multidisciplinary dialogue and exchange of ideas, initiatives and documents on the role of UNESCO towards “dignity and justice for all of us”.



1. “Dignity and justice for all of us” and UNESCO;

2.  The right to education (UDHR Art. 26);
3.  The right to freedom of opinion and expression, and information (Art. 19);
4.  The right to take part in cultural life (Art. 27);
5.  The right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications

Women’s Rights and Art:

International Women’s Day

and the 60 Year of the



Venue:               STUK, Leuven

Date:                  Friday 7 March 2008

Time:                  12:00 – 16:30

12 speakers sharing their vision of women’s human rights inspired by a personal selected piece of art (a ainting, a song, a poem or a film) –open event-

Registration :             Invitation :  Poster EN , NE  Programme EN


 Culturas en diálogo I”/ “Bridging Cultures I”

Como una contribución al Forum Universal de Culturas en Monterrey, México, el ciclo de video-tele conferencias “Culturas en “diálogo”/”Bridging Cultures” tiene lugar del 27 de septiembre al 5 de diciembre entre Lovaina, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Córdoba y Buenos Aires. Coordinado por la Cátedra UNESCO hacia una paz sostenible.
     Universidad de Lovaina  Patricia Morales

    UNESCO Alexander Schischlik


    Universidad Virtual de Monterrey (México), Ana Lydia Chairez 


   Universidad de Guadalajara (México),

José Javier Gutiérrez Rodríguez


  Universidad Blas Pascal (Córdoba, Argentina), Prof. Quím.. Alberto Ferral


Instituciones invitadas: UNESCO/IHE,

 Fundación Serpaj Argentina


+info  (Español)   +info  (English)

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  ALaenRed América Latina en Red:

Open anthology of artistic, literary, and historic sources of the cultures in Latin America.

Antología abierta de fuentes históricas, literarias y artísticas de las culturas en América Latina como un acercamiento a los ideales y valores comunes de sus pueblos (en proceso)
Constituciones latinoamericanas
(Selection of texts / selección de textos)


Research in process 2010-2011:


Interview with Irina Bokova, on UNESCO and the woman


Interview with Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO and Culture


Interview with students and the Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo (soon)


Intellectual and Moral Solidarity by Rector Mark Waer, University of Leuven - UNESCO project  


International Day of Philosophy 18/11/2010 UNESCO (see 4.videoconference on education and science)



Edición especial III Foro Universal de Culturas Valparaíso 2010

Los derechos del niño en el arte



Children Rights in the Art /

Kinderrechten in de Schilderkunst

Brussels 10 November-10 December

Exhibition for the 20 Year of

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

At the Flemish Ministry of Education


Human Rights Education /

Educación de Derechos Humanos

10 December 2009

Leuven, Córdoba, Bruselas, Buenos Aires

Universidad Blas Pascal, Universidad de Lovaina, Comisión Europea, APAER


Links to Diálogo Mundial / Mondiale Dialoog Conference of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training

12 June

Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cordoba



Human rights and responsibilities for a culture of peace and knowledge

Alexandria, Brussels, Leuven, Paris

16 July 2008 more information


Conference with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Wikimedia, the European Commission, UNESCO, Club of Rome and Fundación Cultura de Paz, organized by the UNESCO Chair on Building Sustainable Peace. Event at  the IPRA Conference 2008, Building Sustainable Futures, Leuven


Films of the videoconference:

Federico Mayor, Fund.Cultura de Paz ½   

Federico Mayor, Fund.Cultura de Paz 2/2

Ismail Serageldin Bibliotheca Alexandrina 


Angela Liberatore EC

Konstantinos Tararas UNESCO

Aly M. El Saye, Biblotheca Alexandrina 

Cornelia Nauen EC

John Crouwley UNESCO

Stephan Parmentier KULeuven (less)

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Dialogue on education ½ ; Dialogue on education 2/2

Dialogue with the audience

Final remarks ½ ; Final remarks 2/2

Coordination: M C Patricia Morales with gratitude to Raoul Weiler and Alexander Schischlik



Bridging Cultures /Culturas en diálogo
Universal Forum of Cultures

Videoconferences Sept-Dec. 2007 

+info (English and Spanish)
Leuven/Lovaina, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Córdoba, Paris, Delft, Boston, Buenos Aires

Barajas para el Foro de Culturas

Playcards for the Universal Forum of Cultures

Cartas Diversidad (pdf)
Cartas Paz (pdf)
Cartas Sustentabilidad (pdf)
Cartas Conocimiento (pdf)

Cuento: Las cartas mágicas Les cartes magiques (fr)


Foro de Culturas en América Latina +info

24 July 2007, University Blas Pascal, Cordoba, Argentina

Universidad Blas Pascal in collaboration with the University of Leuven

Speakers: Dr. María del Carmen Patricia Morales: "Los temas del Foro Universal de Culturas: Diversidad, sustentabilidad, conocimiento y paz".

Mg. Noemí Lorca : "La diversidad cultural".

Dr. Norberto Schinitman : "El conocimiento"

Pbro. José Guillermo Mariani : "La paz"

Prof. Mg Alberto Ferral : "La sustentabilidad" +info

Organisation: Programa Vinculación Universidad - Escuela Media, Universidad Blas Pascal para Foro UNESCO (


Between diversity of cultures and universality of norms  INVITATION

Interdisciplinary seminar dedicated to the Universal Forum of Cultures 2007

26 June 2007, K.U.L., Leuven

Participants: Ann Ferrara, Olivia, Mayra, An Huts, Hilde Nijs, Prof. Nicole Delbecque, Jan de Bisschop (UNESCO), Peter Desmet (Flemish Ministry), e.a.

Coordination / introduction: Dr. Patricia Morales


Contribution to the Lecture on "Wikipedia and Education" of the Club of Rome =info

24 May 2007 (18:00-20:00), Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts, Brussels Hertogstraat 1, rue Ducale, Brussels


Ms. Florence Devouard, Chair of Wikipedia Foundation, The Wikipedia and the Educational Landscape by Wikipedia

Patricia Morales, Wikipedia and "Education for All" (UNESCO) 

Organisation: EU-Chapter Club of Rome (41  A.Peccei Lecture) -Prof. Raoul Weiler and Pierrick Fillon-Ashida-   with the support of the Royal Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts



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